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Flooring Inspection, Maintenance and Flooring Installation Certification

To host a class in your area contact Paul Pleshek at Paul@NAFCT.com or Sonny Callaham at Sonny@NAFCT.com



We at the NAFCT believe as Einstein did in that, inspection education is more related to the training of the mind than the memorization. We focus on the critical thinking skills and scientific theory that will give you the tools and follow up support you need to be successful from day one. 

Our classes are the advanced Inspector Training. You will never see us advertise an "advanced inspector certification" because CFI or IICRC IS the advanced certification. Why? Because NAFCT only certifies on a given floor covering. No generic "hard surface" certification that tries to cover 5 floor coverings in 4 days. Wood, Resilient, Carpet and stone ceramic are far to different to be considered in the same category. 

Upon completion of the Inspector Class you will have the most up to date, cutting edge certification in the industry. In addition we give you the support needed learn the inspection process and for most the hardest part, report writing. Why risk your new career on a cheap education?