Ms. Claudia Lezell, has been involved in the floor covering industry since 1983 and has also owned and operated a full-time retail floor covering and interior design establishments for over twelve years. During that period, she was exposed to a wide scope of practical aspects and applications of interior design and installation of a wide range of floor covering types.

Since 1995, Ms. Lezell has owned and operated Inspections Too, Inc., a full-time floor covering inspection and consulting service. The technical training Ms. Lezell has received over the years and various certifications she holds as a full-time floor covering inspector have also provided Ms. Lezell with an enormous landscape of technical background. Ms. Lezell also pays close attention to the ever changing industry and is constantly seeking educational opportunities and various appropriate certifications to enable her to keep up with the ever changing times. This experience has enabled her to educate and aid other fellow interior designer, architects, consultants, specifiers and floor covering contractors.

Ms. Lezell holds a degree in special education and her years of teaching experience has exposed her to several methods of teaching techniques.  As a result these techniques have enabled her to write appropriate objectives, goals and curriculum, for examinations and educational materials, in order to meet a variety of educational needs. Ms. Lezell, in partnership, is one of the past owners of Flooring Technology Institute, an approved Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) school of learning, she helped establish, in order to instruct technical information to the related industries and share such abilities.  Ms. Lezell is also an approved IICRC instructor and still instructs the IICRC Hard Surface Inspection curriculum.

Ms. Lezell’s extensive work as part of numerous forensic floor covering failure teams, has also given her “hands on” experience in a myriad of major floor failure cases. Ms. Lezell has also had the privilege to work alongside some of the most recognized, published, and experience technical experts in the field.

Ms. Lezell has also spearheaded and led the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICR) Hard Surface certification Floor Covering Inspector Program since 1996 and has participated in numerous floor covering, specification and construction related technical committees. Previously, Ms. Lezell was also the appointed Vice Chair of the IICRC Out Reach committee and Hard Surface Standards. In 2016 Ms. Lezell received the National Wood Flooring Associations (NWFA) Ambassador Degree. The NWFA Ambassador degree recognizes individuals who have received the Vanguard degree and have earned an additional 25 service credits for outstanding service to the industry, achievement in wood flooring education and personal accomplishment.

Ms. Lezell has actively lectured at national and regional conferences and floor covering trade shows, as well as, plan and conduct numerous technical seminars designed to educate associates and members of the various related industries. She is also recently published in the peer reviewed, IICRC Technical Journal.